AQ 2019 Yearbook Launch/Party/Reading 24 Jan. ABC A’dam

Amsterdam Quarterly 2019 Yearbook Launch/Party/Reading 24 January American Book Center

16 Jan. 2020 (AMSTERDAM) On Friday, 24 January 2020, Amsterdam Quarterly will celebrate the publication of its ninth annual yearbook with a launch party and reading at the American Book Center, Spui 12, Amsterdam from 6 to 7.40 p.m. Admission is free.

Readers for the evening will include Nathan Beck, Simon Brod, Darya Danesh, Sandhya Krishnakumar, Bryan R. Monte, Sarah Kinebanian, bart plantenga, and Pat Seman who will read brief excerpts from their fiction, memoirs, or poetry.

Amsterdam Quarterly was founded in 2011 to publish, promote, and comment on writing and art in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the world. The Amsterdam Quarterly 2019 Yearbook features work in eleven genres: art, articles, essays, fiction, an interview, memoirs, news, a photoessay, photography, poetry and reviews. In particular the AQ 2019 Yearbook includes an interview and fiction by Canadian and former Amsterdam resident Susan Lloy, art and a photoessay by Czech-American artist Ladislav R. Hanka, photography by Demi Anter, Nina Ascoly, Jury S. Judge, Keith Moul, bart plantenga, and Bob Ward, as well as fiction, memoir and poetry by Amsterdam residents Nathan Beck, Simon Brod, Darya Danesh, bart plantenga, and Pat Seman, plus work by other writers and artists from around the world.

AQ 2018 Yearbook Party readers. l. to r.: Simon Brod, bart plantenga, Jasmine Nihmey Vasdi, Amina Imzine, Bryan R. Monte, Darya Danesh & Pat Seman.

During the month of January 2020, Amsterdam Quarterly will be reading for work related to the theme of Beginnings/Endings. The next 2020 reading periods are April 2020 (Theme: The Weather) and July 2020 (Theme: Choices).